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Rakibul Islam
UX Designer / Product Designer
Helping startups and enterprise businesses by producing design solutions. designing software, websites, web apps, mobile apps, and SAAS products. Specilize in usable, scalable, beautiful products with blazing-fast efficiency.
UR-CV, Product Design Case Study is a web-based CV maker that assists job seekers in increasing their chances of getting an assessment call by creating professional and well-designed CVs which also make a positive impression on recruiters.

Clock-Do, Mobile App Design Case Study

Clock-do builds to help complete tasks more effectively by arranging and identifying related activities, a task management tool used by an individual, team, or company. Applications for task management come in several varieties, such as simple spreadsheets or software for online project management to a mobile application for your handheld devices.

Wise mobile app redesign concept

I intended to redesign Wise app in order to improve usability and overall visual balance. I never attempted to change everything, but rather attempted to improve app experience based on my design hypothesis and various UX laws and guidelines. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

Plannet- Website redesign

It’s a concept design for landing page.

Plannet is your personal travel planner. They make sure you taste the best food, experience the right spots, and fill your travels with memories and great conversation.